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Peak Evolution is a home renovation company that provides a truly personalised service ensuring that you achieve the outcomes you have in mind. Our experienced in-house tradespeople ensure that every project is delivered on budget, on time and to our exacting standards. We are renovation experts.

The key to our success is ensuring that we do not take on too many jobs or farm work out to trades on an ad-hoc basis. We can provide a complete design and building service.

We achieve a high standard of quality in every job we do because we are directly involved in every aspect of the project. It is our way of knowing that the standards we demand have been delivered. The result is a building or renovation project that you will want to show off for years to come.

Peak Evolution is a fully insured company.

We can provide:

  • complete drafting services
  • custom designs for any size job
  • full building maintenance services
  • a friendly professional service

To find out more please look at our services page on our website.

Please feel free to call us before you embark on your next project. We can ensure that you will gain a greater level of understanding of your needs for your project and the pitfalls to avoid.